• Monthly Reconciliation Filings
  • Quarterly Reconciliation Filings
  • Annual Reconciliation Filings

Tax Planning

  • Individual Returns
  • Corporate Taxes
  • Non Profits taxes
  • Estate Taxes
  • Tax Audit Assistance
  • Prior Year Amendments


  • Withholding Income Tax for Ministers
  • Parsonage or Housing Allowances
  • Social Security and Medicare Taxes
  • Record Keeping Requirements
  • Books of Accounting and Other Types of Records
  • Length of Time to Retain Record
  • Charitable Contributions- Substantiation and Disclosure Rules
  • Record Keeping
  • Record Keeping Rules
  • Substantiation Rules
  • Disclosure Rules that Apply to Quid Pro Quo Contributions


  • Form 1023 is used to receive Recognition of Exemption
  • Apply for Employee Identification Number (EIN) using Form SS-4


  • Reporting Farm Income and Expenses
  • Income Sources reported on Schedule F-Profit or Loss from Farming
  • Source of Income
  • Cooperative Distribution
  • Crop insurance proceeds and federal crop insurance disaster payments
  • Custom Hire ( Machine work) income
  • Deductible Expenses
  • Reasonable wages or compensation paid to a child
  • Depreciation of tangible property.

Financial Analysis

  • Audit Reviews
  • Budget Review & Analysis
  • Workers Compensation Audits
  • Financial Statements
    •Profit and Loss •Balance Sheets •Trial Balance Sheets •General Ledgers

Product Packaging & Development

  • Product Development & Analysis
  • Packaging and Merchandising
  • Product Overview and Analysuis
  • Sales and Marketing Review and Analysis
  • Product Trade Mark, Copywrite, & Registration
  • Product Liability and Insurance Review

Marketing Support

  • Price Analysis and Cost Review
  • Universal Barcoding
  • Third Party Vendor Negotioation's
  • Sales and Inventory Review
  • Trend and Growth Analysis
  • Merchandising